About Us

Covenant Information Empowerment Services (CIES Inc) is a faith-based and registered Canadian not for profit organisation that offers considerable support services to Canadian black immigrant youngsters towards fulfilment while focusing on socialization & acculturation in the areas of counselling/coaching, education support, and life skills information and orientation, with emphasis on providing preventative support services to newly-arrived black immigrant/refugee youth in Canada.

We create enriched platforms for individual youngsters by exposing them to empowering didactic information and education activities captioned ‘Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) which will help them metamorphosize from learners to thinkers and to holistic beings who are proactive, fearless, resilient but respectful and goal-oriented achievers, focused and responsible enough to make great their societies and their world.

This forum is all about Youth Empowerment and Life Preparatory Programs preparing youths for enlightenment, relevance, and positive mindset. It is to inflame education into value for service to humanity and ambassadorial commitment to families and nations. It is an experience beyond cognitive attainment, a sure finishing that every young adult must have before entering the lease of freedom in the larger society.

Our Purpose

To provide education, counseling, and other support services for immigrants and refugees in need, in particular Black newcomer youth, including language instruction, tutoring, employment-related training, and information programs on Canadian culture and life. To address and prevent problems faced by youth, in particular Black newcomer youth, by providing coaching and counseling, as well as mentoring programs, workshops, and seminars on issues such as family conflict, juvenile delinquency, and substance abuse.  

Our Background

CIES Inc. is an affiliate of Covenant Educational Consultancy in Nigeria Africa. An extension of Covenant Educational Consultancy’s program for students and youths called, ‘Life after High School Empowerment Program (LAHS) and Life Empowerment Summit for University Students (LESFUS…ref: ‘Gallery’.  While CIES is an affiliate, it is also a separate entity with its own operational mandate separate from CEC in its entirety.

Our Vision

To be the foremost youngsters and family consulting firm, who is passionately committed to raising and encouraging a new generation of young great minds, the catalysts towards a healthy, accountable and sanitized society.

Our Mission

To use Godly principles, personal experiences, research-based discoveries, tested and proven sound information and intellectual modules of timeless wisdom to produce quality young individuals and youths who will grow up to be adults who are accountable and responsible enough to make their societies invaluable to live in.

Our Core Values

We are passionate about what we do, committed and driven by excellence. We are proactive in our thoughts, and actions with integrity. Godliness is our guide, and we have a sense of professionalism.


Among others, the program is to:

  • Sustain the relevance of our youngsters by exposing them to educative life information which will make them to continually contribute to the economic growth and uphold the values of their society.
  • tenaciously and strategically eradicate the involvement of youngsters in immoral acts and degrading behaviors which could make them less useful to themselves.
  • Support youngsters to sustain value of resourcefulness and be emotionally and socially intelligent enough to handle themselves and channel their strength towards the good of humanity.
  • create awareness for them to willingly desist from any acts unacceptable in the society which could result in them becoming mentally unhealthy and unable to take good and benefiting decisions on their own.
  • Encourage them to see themselves as value adding individuals and live up to this description by contributing positively to the cultural and social wellbeing of their peers, avoid gangs and become less of economic menace to the government and their society due to immature lifestyles.

Mode of Operation

We organize and coordinate education and Information empowerment programs periodically for immigrant youths and students in senior schools as a primary concern and non-immigrant youths and students in the course of time. The essence is so they can identify damaging behaviors, complacent standing, destructive practices, and general vices which can distract them from being properly Integrated into the society and hamper their future, know how to avoid them, so that they could become useful to themselves and be responsible citizens holding their future in their hands. We hope to engage these classes of clients in various tested and proven educative and didactic programs and activities which will enable them find fulfilment in schooling and career pursuit thereby contributing positively to their world.

The program intends to keep them positively engaged, focused, expressive and explorative. Our programmes are to be backed up with periodic publication and media programs

We canvass for registration through schools, communities, and individual groups. We solicit for financial support and sponsorship from individuals, individual groups, communities, corporate organizations, and government (grant). The clients will cut across immigrant youths in the community, students in senior high school, and students in universities particularly University one. It is an organization instituted to sustain Itself with the participants’ donations and other agent’s supports with the focus to serve our communities, preserving the future and upholding the nation.

Our Audience

Our programmes are activities that benefit youths, and our target beneficiaries are primarily black newcomer youth and families ages 18 – 29. This includes immigrants and refugees