Services & Programs

Life Skills Program (LSP)

Designed to raise awareness and build the capacity of black newcomer youth as they navigate life as a young adult in Canada. The program content is intended to focus on information orientation workshops in the areas of introduction to Canadian education, financial literacy, post-secondary education preparation, teen/parent relationship bridge support and multicultural experiential learning. The activities will be executed through a variety of delivery formats including structured workshops, experiential retreats (camping), conferences, tours, and field trips in and outside the province and country.

By extension to the above is:

Edu-talk Media Service which is intended to be a follow up activity to the youth conferences, where facilitators/speakers are invited to go in-depth on the topics they presented on at the conference. These sessions will be filmed and converted into smaller pieces of content that will be widely shared online in formats that are most accessible to youth.

  • Counseling / Coaching services:
  • for family experiencing conflict / crisis
  • pre-family classes that focus on preparation for marriage, conception, parenting and nutrition.
  •  for Teenagers, Singles, and Intending Couples
  • Christian Counselling /Coaching for Women.
  • Later down the line, CIES intends to further knowledge in newcomer youth development and settlement barriers through research. The outcome of such research endeavours will be made public.

Education Support Program

To establish and offer academic support services is our second pillar which is intended to offer a Homework Program by offering tutoring support to newcomer Grade 12 students till high school graduation as they prepare to transition into various pathways of post-secondary education.  This is a drop-in program that runs during weekday evenings from 4-8 pm. Participants will be paired with volunteer tutors to support them with homework and exam preparation. Optional workshops on topics such as study tips, time management, adjusting to school in Canada, preparing for post-secondary education, academic integrity, etc. will be delivered.

English Conversation Hub

The third pillar is an informal drop-in weekly program designed to improve participants’ English language literacy. Through this program, participants will be able to practice their English with each other and volunteers in a non-threatening environment to enhance their vocabulary to be able to fully participate in society

Career Planning Program

The fourth pillar is our career planning program through which we intend to offer a variety of services including one-on-one career coaching, and job readiness training program through which we provide capacity development sector-specific training to youth. The workshops will be guided by a curriculum that will cover topics such as job search, interview preparation, communication skills, workers rights, work-life balance, etc. Securing employment is a common challenge for many newcomer youths. As such, participating in a program like this will equip them to enter and participate in the labour market